How Pull Ups Can And Will Get You Ripped

By Jake Devenz

There is a wide array of different kinds of exercises you can do for your upper body. Of course you can do curls for your biceps, bench press for your chest and dumbbell raises for your shoulders. However, one form of exercise that often gets overlooked is pull ups. Pull ups can do tremendous things for your core muscles while providing you with lat strength as well.

Many people do not realize how difficult a pull up routine can be. It requires a lot of strength to pull up your entire body. This is why it takes time to develop and build up the number of repetitions you can do. You are not going to be able to do 100 your first time, but there is nothing stopping you from working up to this number.

To start, do one set of as many pull ups as you can. This will give you a basis of where you stand in the beginning. If you can only do one or two, do not get down on yourself. Remember, it takes time to work up to a high amount of repetitions. No matter how many you can do, make sure to do at least three or four different sets.

If you can only do one rep, take a couple minutes off and then do another rep. No matter what you do, make sure you are pushing yourself. You can typically do one more than you think you can, so go all out with each set. As you probably could expect, each set is going to get increasingly difficult.

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You want to be doing a few more reps each week in order to build strength properly. If you are stagnant and never increase the amount of repetitions you do, you will never improve and build muscle. Even if it is just one more rep or one more set, you will notice a difference.

Something else you can do is follow a specific pull up workout. You can do a pyramid set routine where you do 10 reps your first set, 8 your second, 6 your third and so on down to two. Another option is to do a basic four sets of 10 to keep your workout consistent. Typically, people mix it up throughout the week by doing a pyramid routine on Monday and the straight sets on Wednesday. Mix and match and find what works best for you.

Another way you can mix up your pull up workout is to add weights. You will need a weight belt and plates to place on the chain. This can make your routine extremely difficult depending on the amount you put on the chain. This gives you many other options for routines and programs you put together.

You can do a pyramid routine by increasing the weight as the repetitions go down. On Wednesday you can then do straight sets maintaining a consistent weight. Finally, you can close the week off on Friday with a low amount of sets and reps and much higher weight. For instance, do three sets of four repetitions but increase your weight drastically.

The options truly are endless for what you do for a pull up routine. Just make sure you are consistent with your workout and are increasing weight every week to build muscle properly.

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