History Of Belavi Face Lift Massage

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Face lift surgery has been around for a longer period of time and has been among the most sought after cosmetic type s procedure all over the world due to the importance of how we look. As we all know, our face holds most of what we say. It can tell if a person is angry, sad, happy or excited just by looking at that particular area of the human body. For this reason, spending fortune is not a big deal when it comes to staying younger and beautiful looking.

Belavi face lift massage combines the effects and result of having a face lift surgery and massage therapy in a single treatment. Although the therapy is relatively new in the field of medical care, it is fast gaining its popularity as one of the best face lift massage all over the world due to many good reasons. The treatment is great for creating firmness on sagging skin, remove age lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging, release harmful toxins, and relax the mind and body.

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The treatment incorporates acupressure which is a form of bodywork that is focused on addressing physical and mental conditions through the body meridians or key points. It is the main technique used for its manual manipulation of the face and other areas of the human body.

The amazing facial treatment was developed by Belle Tuckerman in 1987 as a seminar program. She designed a concept based on three distinct methods to be used during the therapy session in order to attain proper effects and yield magnificent benefits. Her first method in her concept was the improvement of lymphatic drainage focused on the facial area of the client. The technique was involved in the whole therapy in order to cleanse and purify toxins and other harmful substances from the body in order to create beauty in and out of the client. Acupressure is the second she method used in the therapy which is basically the mainly used massage technique manipulated by the therapist for the whole session. The third method that she came up with is the use of contouring and cross-fiber which is essential in the promotion of proper blood circulation on the face and the whole body. It also helps in releasing tension on the stiff muscle tissues all over the face of the client.

Tuckerman devised a session program that involves the use of mediums used on face lift session such as facial masks, exfoliating creams, and hot towels. She begins her systematic session by allowing the patient to rest on a table with their clothes removed to avoid staining their garments with the creams used on the face during the therapy session. A loose towel is given to the patient in order to cover parts of their bodies to avoid getting uncomfortable during the session. She then begins to place series of hot towels and afterwards proceed with the facelift massage. Honeylift massage follows after the first massage to encourage the stimulation of the skin. Cold towel is then used on the face to close the pores and relax the facial muscles as the therapy ends in body and scalp massage.

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