Fresh Wedding Tent Decor

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By Bridget Mora

Outdoor weddings are more popular than ever, and most receptions will involve some sort of a tent. In and of itself, the typcial wedding tent is nothing special to look at, but with the right decorations, you can create an absolutely breathtaking environment within a tent. These are some fresh new approaches to the most beautiful wedding tent dcor.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, the chances are that you have chosen a spot with gorgeous natural scenery. Why not show it off to its full advantage by choosing a tent with a clear ceiling instead of an opaque white ceiling? Clear ceiling tents to see the green trees, blue skies, and even the birds in the area. This special type of tent is especially wonderful for evening weddings, as your wedding will take place under the stars and moon. Your guests will love spending the evening at a chic party in their best dresses and wedding jewelry under a starry sky.

As for the tent decorations, the biggest trend is to decorate a tent as if it were an elegant indoor location. Think swanky ballroom, not picnic. Elegant crystal chandeliers in several shapes and sizes can be suspended from the tent ceiling to add romance and style to your reception. Fine table linens made from sumptuous fabrics like silk dupioni are just at home in a tent as a ballroom. Choose luxurious china and crystal rentals to increase the style and grandeur of your wedding.

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Put careful consideration into the furniture you rent to fill your wedding tent. Do not automatically assume that round tables for eight and white folding chairs are the only option. Long tables have become increasing popular in recent years. Brides and grooms often feel that they provide a more intimate family style atmosphere than many round tables. If you have opted for fabulous chandeliers, gold chivari chairs or chairs with pretty slipcovers will definitely keep the elegance on the upswing. They may also feel more stable than folding chairs on the grassy surface under the tent, which is a plus.

To really make your tented wedding something special, think about setting up a lounge area. This is a trend which shows absolutely no signs of fading. Comfortable conversation areas are always appealing for your guests. The furniture should not only look good, it should feel good, like what you might find in a chic wine bar. Low slung sofas, graceful armchairs, and ottomans all make good choices for reception lounge furniture. Also be sure to have enough small tables so that guests have a place to set their drinks. Punch up the style of the lounge area even more by ordering custom throw pillows which coordinate with your table linens.

Crystals are a huge trend for weddings, and are a fantastic way to decorate your wedding tent. If you are the sort of bride who has chosen crystal wedding jewelry and a sparkly beaded gown, your wedding simply would not be complete without some crystal accents at the reception! Wrap tent poles with floral garlands interwoven with strings of crystals to give them shimmer and texture. Or use rich fabric like iridescent taffeta to create draperies to hide tent poles and tie them with crystal tassels. With details so luxurious and unique, no one will even feel like they are in a tent all they will notice is how stunning your wedding is.

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