Alexander Rose Ltd: The Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Furniture

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Alexander Rose Ltd: The Environmentally Friendly outdoor furniture


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Alexander Rose is a company which started with small operations in the furniture sector nineteen years back. Now it has created a reputation that is interchangeable to forward thinking designs and high quality products. It is easily the fastest growing furniture company in britain. This post will inform you about the company and their environmental and ethical values.

Forestry Stewardship Council or popularly known as FSC, is definitely an organisation that is employed by the conservation of woods worldwide. FSC forests are kept in a sense that makes sure that the biological and ecological system of the forest will not get disturbed in just about any way.

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About Alexander Rose

Because it began its operation by attempting to sell the garden furniture which was produced in Ghana this company was started in the year 1994. The company over the years is continuing to grow hugely but the outstanding designs and unparalleled quality of its furniture remains setting new standards in the industry. You may also order them customised furniture if you want to through their web site.

Environment-safe Furniture

The speciality of Alexander Rose furniture which makes it stand out among other furniture is the complete process of production of the garden furniture, from its start to the end, is completely environment friendly. Special care is taken by the company in the designing of the furniture to its generation to fully ensure that the furniture in no way is harming the ecology or the surroundings in anyway. The company requires loads of attempts to ensure to have least carbon footprint. It really is ensured that the wood utilised for the creation of furniture is taken from the forests which are FSC certified forests for sustainability.

Company also does not over-package their furniture and thereby increasing its environment friendly results. The packaging which is used is made in such a way that it can be easily recycled and thereby making it more environmentally friendly. The use of hazardous chemicals in the production of the furniture is very less. Alexander Rose furniture is made in such a way that they\’re totally recyclable. The furniture of Alexander Rose comes with complete information on the best way to care for its furniture. The proper means of cleaning and maintaining them is described in these directions. In this manner a consumer can love their goods for extensive amounts of time.

ARL furniture maybe not only give you the pleasure of owning the most modern

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of maximum built quality, but they also supply you with an opportunity to own most eco friendly furniture in the world for your garden.

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