Advantages Of Phone Answering Service For Your Business

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Customer satisfaction is a key component driving business growth. Businesses today cannot afford to miss a client or portray a bad image of the company to the customer. For a lot of small and large businesses, telephone is the primary contact medium between them and their customers. In these cases, it is critical to present the company s best face when answering the incoming calls. Automation techniques like voicemail or inbound IVR would just not be enough; a live operator would do the trick. A lot of companies outsource their phone answering job. Business phone answering service refers to any provider that answers your customers phone calls and acts on them according to the company s requirement. These business answering services can take in all kind of detailed messages, provide information to the customers, and dispatch the messages to multiple people in the company and through multiple communication channels.

Business Phone Answering Is a Science

The business phone answering service companies have expanded this area from just answering phone calls to managing them. They make use of sophisticated time management and priority setting techniques to serve your customer better and improve their own efficiency. These algorithms are akin to the ones used by the military and hospitals to prioritize the patients treatment.

An Off-The- Rolls Receptionist

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A 24/7, live business phone answering service is like having a full-time receptionist, the only advantage being this receptionist is paid much lesser and does not even need a desk. The business answering service operator is trained to answer your calls in the company s name, act as per your guidelines, and be a virtual member of your staff. So, whether it is rerouting the calls on the internal office line or answering the external calls, this receptionist can do it all.

More Than Just Business Phone Answering

The business answering services companies offer complete bouquet of services including:

Appointment Scheduling: This includes answering your calls, checking your calendar, and accordingly setting appointments for you.

Order Taking: If you have offered your customers the service of phone ordering, the business answering services can take those orders and intimate you through the appropriate channel.

Registration: Need to set up a registration desk for your upcoming meeting or seminar? The business answering services can answer the queries, make the bookings, and process the payments.

Helpdesk: These companies answer all customer service calls as per the agreed protocols; use the FAQ data to provide complete assistance to the customer.

Internet: These services can communicate to your customer in the way you would and you would have wanted an outsource service to. They are not limited to telephone; they can effectively communicate with the customers on the internet as well.

Zero Overheads

If you are worried that getting access to a business phone answering service would need a lot of installations and hardware setups, you will be pleasantly surprised. All you need to do is activate the call forwarding service on your incoming phone lines and let the business answering service do the rest.

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