Accepting Credit Cards: How To Get Started

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Here in 2011, everyone uses their credit cards to pay for things. People buy everything from a brand new 3D flat screen television to their daily morning latte with plastic. So, make sure you re able to sell your product or service to any willing buyer by giving them the option of paying with a credit card! People don t always have cash, so make sure that there is a way for your patron to take home your product at that very moment. We ve gathered a few options to get you started with upgrading your payment acceptance options. Take a look at these varied options and pick the best option for you and your business. No matter which option you choose, just being able to accept credit card payments will be a success in your financial book!

PAYware Connect Virtual Terminal4

If you re going to talk about the retail world advancing with technology, you simply cannot leave out the growth of online sales. The convenience of shopping online, getting your product shipped to you, trying it out and sending it back if it s not perfect, all while being in the comfort of your own pajamas has taken America by storm.

But you just can t sell your product online if you can t take payments online. Now that s not a problem with the totally simple and convenient PAYware Connect Virtual Terminal4! It s so easy to configure, that you ll have it up, running and making transactions in no time! There s no equipment, software, or payment engine to set up and maintain, and the terminal supports multiple payment processors in a real-time environment. So open up your product sales to the millions of shoppers who are on their couches and searching the web for what you ve got!

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VeriFone Nurit 8320 Credit Card Terminal

Simple and true, the VeriFone Nurit 8320 Credit Card Terminal is the one that store owners trust day in and day out. It s an all in one payment device supporting a range of applications on one secure multi-application platform which will make your system of receiving so simple that you won t know how you ever lived without it! Exceptionally secure and reliable, this terminal supports EMV, credit, debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications such as prepaid services. So now you won t have to turn down that patron who really wants that thirty dollar item, but only has twenty-five dollars in their wallet. Gladly let them run their card and keep them coming back for more in the future!

ViVOpay 4000 Credit Card Terminal

Technology is advancing right before our eyes, and this card processing tool is proof. Let your customers swiftly pay for their items in one fell swoop with this amazing terminal! The ViVOpay 4000 Credit Card Terminal allows the customer to pay for their order with a key fob style credit card or even a cell phone using contactless radio frequencies. Talk about convenience for everyone involved! The ViVOpay 4000 Credit Card Terminal is already compatible with MasterCard Paypass, Expresspay from American Express and Visa contactless payment programs as well as other private label contactless gift and loyalty cards and many more are coming along. So increase the speed and convenience of checking out by providing alternatives to paying cash and potentially increasing your revenue as a result of increased customer loyalty! Soon we will be seeing these everywhere and you will be so glad you are able to offer the highest level of customer service possible.

Hypercom P1300 Credit Card Terminal Pin Pad

Simple but effective, the pin pad option is awesome for small businesses who are ready to take their first, but small step into accepting credit cards. The Hypercom P1300 PCI-approved PIN entry device is designed to meet the PCI PED security standards for PIN entry, providing you with low-cost migration to newly imposed security guidelines. So the next time your customer requests to pay with a card, you can gladly accept! You can run the card and let them enter their PIN number so the customer s information can remain secure. Increase your checkout s convenience, speed and security with the Hypercom P1300 Credit Card Terminal Pin Pad and take the first step into accepting credit cards!

Way Systems MTT Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Sometimes it is just more convenient to bring the payment terminal to your customer. For example, in a dining, performance or outdoor setting, it may be essential to be mobile. The Way Systems MTT Wireless Credit Card Terminal fits easily in the palm of your hand, combining the convenience of a mobile phone with the power to accept payment anywhere, at any time. Blow your customer away with outstanding customer service with this terminal!

Incorporating new payment technologies is one of the trends in improving customer satisfaction. So, embrace it with a terminal that accepts credit card payments!

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