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Medical And Health Insurance For Visitors To Canada

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By Adriana Notton

It is always important to plan ahead for trips abroad. When you plan a trip to Canada, it is essential that you consider acquiring Medical/Health Insurance for Visitors to Canada. Although Canada is a peaceful country, you never know when you might have a medical emergency. For this reason, medical insurance is a must when visiting Canada.

Visitors to Canada are not covered under Canada’s National Health Care program. In addition, your own countrys health insurance may not provide coverage when traveling to another country. A long-awaited trip to Canada could turn into an expensive nightmare if you do not have medical coverage. Such costs can include: prescriptions, physician visits, hospital stay, laboratory tests, medical treatment, medical transport, and other medical services and treatments.

When selecting medical insurance for visitors to Canada, it is a good idea to buy the insurance from an insurance company in Canada as they understand how the medical system works and the costs. You can also contact them quickly in the event of a medical emergency.

Medical/Health Insurance for Visitors to Canada:

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Foreign students studying in Canada

Landed immigrants working in Canada

Foreign workers in Canada

Anyone who is just visiting or in Canada for business

You can get medical/health insurance for visitors to Canada for the following reasons:

You are not eligible or insured for benefits under a Canadian provincial government health care plan.

You are currently in good health

You have not been in Canada for more than two years

It is important to note that most medical insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, however some insurance companies will provide coverage if the pre-existing conditions has been stabilized for a specific number of months before the date of departure.

It is essential to buy a policy that provides enough medical coverage. Generally speaking, an insurance provider can offer a number of medical insurance plans. A basic plan can cover up to $25,000 in emergency medical insurance. There can also be other more extensive plans that can include $50,000 in coverage, and also insurance plans that provide up to $150,000 in emergency medical insurance.

Within each medical insurance plan, there will be such benefits that can include: 24-hour multilingual emergency medical assistance, coverage for a single trip lasting up to 365 days, and a low deductible payment per claim. As well, there will be benefits detailed in the specific policy such as doctor bills, ambulance fees, laboratory tests, hospital staysetc. For complete coverage details, limitations and exclusions, it is important to read over the policy before you make the purchase.

Because a medical problem can occur anywhere and at anytime, Medical/Health Insurance for Visitors to Canada is essential. A wonderful trip to Canada could turn into a costly nightmare if you do not have the appropriate medical coverage. Medical insurance for visitors to Canada will ensure that you have complete protection against the unexpected, and you will be able to relax and enjoy your visit to Canada.

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